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STARBUCKS Limited Edition NFT Drop

Today at 3pm EST, Christmas comes early for Starbucks Odyssey members! Starbucks, the world's largest coffee company, launched its Odyssey rewards program in December 2022 that issues "digital collectibles" or NFTs for completing challenges, correctly answering trivia, and purchasing Starbucks products. Since then, Starbucks has issued four NFTs with 5,000 editions each, and their floor prices have soared to $80, $93, $105, and $1,400 (at 2pm EST - 3/9/22). Today, Starbucks Odyssey members have a chance to purchase a new limited edition NFT, "The Siren Collection stamp". I recently spoke at NFT MKE’s event and gave an overview of Starbucks NFTs, which you can watch here. Starbucks has been cleverly utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs to engage customers and onboard thousands of new NFT collectors without explicitly mentioning the word "blockchain" or "NFTs." Starbucks has seen signs of early success in tapping into the growing NFT market and engaging customers with their rewards program. Furthermore, Starbucks' approach to utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs provides an example of how traditional businesses can embrace new and innovative technologies to enhance customer experience and remain competitive in the ever-evolving market. Starbucks' NFTs have not only been popular with coffee lovers, but they have also captured the attention of the wider NFT and Web3 community. The Siren NFT, which is limited to only 2,000 unique editions, is the rarest Starbucks NFT yet. The price for this NFT is $100, and it is expected to sell out and rise in price quickly. However, there are some red tape executables that you need to complete before you can purchase, such as setting up two-factor authentication to your Nifty Gateway account, ensuring your odyssey account is connected to your Nifty account and owning a Starbucks NFT on Nifty. I would recommend depositing ETH into your prepaid Nifty Gateway account (go to account setting, balances, prepaid, deposit ETH) and select prepaid ETH as “default payment option”. This allows for the fastest acquisition time based on my 2 years of experience with Nifty Gateway.

At 3pm EST, head on over to Nifty Gateway with me and let's purchase our Siren NFTs

for $100! And at 3:02pm EST today I will either being ecstatic like a kid on Christmas or disappointed that I missed out. Either way, it’s fair game for those prepared and I wish you all good luck and Merry Christmas in March to Starbucks Odyssey members!! Starbucks Limited Edition NFT to da moon!! LFG!!!

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