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Welcome, Welcome, Welcome! I’m your man LeDrop WithCheese and boy do we have a good drop for you today folks! (in my best Steve Harvey Family Fued intro voice) Steve Harvey has an all- for-charity, 3 item #NFTdrop currently happening on @Rarible that encapsulates a couple of his famously, hilarious signature moves in gif format. The two moments you will be able to own are the “Steve Harvey classic shoe throw” (buy now for .1 ETH - 112 editions) and “Excuse Me” reaction (1 edition - bid only)in a confused way when learning about NFTs for the first time and this NFT also includes the actual tie worn and autographed by Steve Harvey in the gif purchased(see pic)! The third NFT available to bid on right now in his collection is a Digital Autograph on an image of him (3 editions - bid only). These all seem fine and dandy to me, but as @JalenRose says, “You got to give the people what they want.” FIRST, we NEED to be able to purchase the 2015 Miss Universe, huge global mess up with announcing the wrong winner by Steve Harvey(link below)!! I’m willing to bet anyone a shot of Malort that a “Miss Universe Mess Up” NFT would sell for more than whatever “Excuse Me” sells for, just DM me and you’re ON! Second, there have been so many hilarious moments on Family Feud between Steve Harvey and the contestants. Can I please buy 1? What about a brand new Ford Edge or Fusion or whatever car is still available on FamilyFeud? No? Ok bye. So, this NFTdrop is for charity and has limited items, but it’s worth checking out and buying 1 of the 112 shoe throw editions if you can spend .1 ETH on it. All proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will be donated to the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation.

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