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In our present day and age of companies’ customer service by humans diminishing faster than those scimitar oryx’s, (antelope’s cousin, actually really cool looking animal!) a meta hot unicorn appeared to me 2 days ago, in the form of OUT OF THIS WORLD customer service, provided by SWEET. I have written honest reviews with ratings of “not impressed” and tagged companies whose platforms I had some issue related to their billing or tech on LinkedIn and ONLY 1 company has reached out to me directly to resolve even just a couple of nominal amounts($14 each), that company is SWEET. Very shortly after I posted my review detailing my issues, I received a direct message (inmail) from the CEO himself, Tom Mizzone, apologizing for the issue, asking me what is the best way to reach me to resolve the issue and also provided his cell phone number. So, like any other skeptic, especially when it comes to customer service, I called him and HE ANSWERED YESTERDAY ON A SATURDAY! Mind Blown! He told me that he would handle the refund, apologized again and even took a few minutes to discuss some of the SWEET new collectibles they will be offering here in the near future, to include 3D action figures and futuristic wallet capabilities. I mean, is this company even real?!?! Here is the point, download the SWEET app right now on your phone and offer me a trade, please. SWEET’s quality/cool factor of collectibles, their user friendliness, entry price points to own collectibles, customer service and CEO are META HOT! Take a look around, establish an early position by purchasing a collectible or two. Right now, I am LOVING their Video Moment Cards! Don’t tell Tom, but I really do not mind that I inadvertently own 3 Riff Raff Video Moment Cards, at this point. Shhhhh, our secret!



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