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Starting tomorrow at 11am EST, you can purchase UFC fan tokens for ONLY $2.38 USD each, on the Socios App! UFC fan tokens are minted on the Chiliz($CHZ) blockchain and will have a max supply of 20 million tokens. Chiliz and Socios CEO Alexandre Dreyfus said that UFC tokens will be exclusively available on the Socios app, with no pre-sale anywhere else. For those of you unfamiliar with Socios, it is an all-in-one fan influence and rewards app where you can play, buy, win or trade fan tokens to major international sports organizations. Socios is growing quickly and also announced a $50M expansion in the US a few months ago, which makes the decision to purchase tokens on this app a wise idea! According to the UFC Token Summary in the Socios App, “The more you vote in polls and interact, the more reward points you can earn. Reward points can be redeemed for incredible once-in a-lifetime experiences, exclusive merchandise, games, leaderboards and more.”

Intrigued yet? Because I AM!!

Download the Socios App and collect the free fan tokens by walking around and crossing the street safely. Then, purchase some $CHZ in the amount you need for your UFC fan tokens, as they cost approximately 9.4 CHZ per UFC token right now. Last, I will see you tomorrow on the Socios App at 11am EST and the CNN Vault at 12pm EST and LFG!!!


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