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Valentina Mami is a super talented artist and a metaverse visionary that you need to know about immediately! “Valentina Mami is a Colombian born, bilingual Latin/English artist, specialized in rapping, singing, song writing as well as being a professionally trained dancer” and she just quietly launched her very first of many NFT collections, focused on dope utility for her fan base and giving back to the community! Her NFT is a ETH based song named “Carnaval” and get this, Valentina herself will reach out to you directly, welcome you to her community, send you a t-shirt and signed vinyl copy of her song! “Carnaval” is a multicultural anthem that brings together Latin American countries, a timeless song that you will hear throughout the years. Based on celebrity NFT drops I have rated in the past, this NFT drop is absolute FIRE!!! Here are more benefits to owning the first Valentina Mami NFT(222 editions) for $22 + gas = SUCH A STEAL!:

4 tickets to Miami’s Banksy Art Exhibition and you will meet Valentina. (1 winner)

Free Battle Droid NFT (2 winners on March 24th)

1 rare NFT out of 222 will receive 5% of royalties collected for 5 months from release date (February to July).

Entry into the raffle to win VIP passes to her next concert.

Video compilation of some of Valentina’s biggest performances, never before seen.

Carnaval collection holders have early access to future drops and insights into her life.

Valentina is an artist who is establishing early roots in the metaverse and understands how she can build valuable utility to her fanbase, as well as the philanthropic aspect of the NFT Community. She is a web3 pioneer as one of the first female latin artists to release an NFT at the age of 22. Her artist growth plan includes lots of unique metaverse events and projects that I am super excited about. Valentina’s community and the utility she plans to constantly build and evolve is the kind of vision that demonstrates her special metaverse presence! Now go buy one of her NFTs and join the Mami Metaverse!! LFG!!!!

Watch Valentina perform live in Decentraland on March 24th for the Battle Droids NFT launch party (she is giving away 2 Battle Droid NFTs!) and she is also hosting her own virtual concert in Somnium Space in April which is going to be an event you DO NOT want to miss!!

@valentinacolombia @fisheye_agency @buschmanentertainmentchicago @buschmanentertainment @daniel_abrego1111 @elgreengoblyn @luccasavi @joehellow @opensea

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