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Aside from the delays and technical issues endured to launch Gary V’s NFT’s (which he has been fully transparent about), this community-forward, all encompassing NFTdrop just set an astronomically high new benchmark for innovative conference-series involvement, effective business utilization of NFT’s, B2B + B2C customer engagement in the metaverse PLUS the ultimate Gary V style of FUN GUARANTEED, oh and he drew each cartoon NFT himself. The final product: In a world where no one understands #NFTs and we already thought we kind of had a fun community at our conferences, VeeFriends comes along and blew my mind! I will never go to a conference again if it doesn’t have a Gary V. NFT program involved, just sayin’. It is an “NFT project around meaningful intellectual property and an extraordinary community.” according to their Instagram page.

But, I think, Businesses searching for NFT integration direction within this confusing yet emerging industry can learn how “Gary V’s community nft’s promote dat corporate synergies.” -LeDro Con Queso is a site that has a ton of inventive content about how all of these different NFT Tokens work individually and together and I would like to you just head over and check it out now, but here are a couple of notable things about this NFTdrop. There are a total of “10,255 tokens consisting of 9400 admission tokens, 555 gift goats, and 300 access tokens; including many one-of-ones. All tokens are a three-year admission token to VeeCon, an annual super-conference.

That said, if you can afford a token, I suggest you head over to their NFTdrop and take advantage of a revolutionary business experience.

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