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Starting this Monday, May 10th at 12pmEST, you can purchase an XXXtentacion NFT (real name Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy) with a credit card(or crypto) when you download the YellowHeart Wallet. The name of this NFT Marketplace might sound familiar when you heard about The Kings of Leon being the first band to release an album as an NFT back in March. YellowHeart has not provided any information regarding this “surprise” NFT drop, which is the first posthumous NFT drop by a musician. XXXtentacion’s drop starts at the same time YellowHeart launches their own NFT Marketplace. Even though YellowHeart has not shared information about this drop, or how many NFTs will initially be available on their marketplace, here is what we do know, which is more than enough to get excited about the potential for this NFTdrop. Grand Theft Auto artist, Stephen Bliss, will be creating unique art for the NFT tokens. You can also play GTA V as XXXtentacion, which I did not know until I was today years old. Five songs are involved in this drop, which are said to have built his career and were previously available songs on SoundCloud. There is also a really bad ass 26 second promo video that teases an eventful NFTdrop(link below)! The last detail I will mention and then you can draw your own conclusion; the word “FREE” in his NFT promo video on YouTube. This implies there will be a free NFT for fans that show up to on Monday at 12pm EST. Now, are you excited like me?


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