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Happy Fresh Cheese Wednesday everyone! I am so excited to share with you an artist who just launched another new NFT series today and her name is Yeve. Yeve is an artist who has professional experience working in the gaming/VFX industries and was born in a country and city that do not exist anymore. Just ask her and she will tell you. One of the very first NFTs I purchased was from Yeve, whose portfolio can be described in one word: SPECTACULAR

The first important piece of information I wanted to share with you is to check out her new NFT series that dropped today, of supes cute Voxel Cats, with 5 new cats dropping every 2 days! They starting price is ONLY .05 ETH and you can BUY NOW!

Yeve is also the creator of CryptoGrandma’s and one of the coolest NFTs in her collection (and available for purchase) is CryptoGrandma’s #1. Go to Foundation, read the description and take in this extremely accurately-portrayed, moving image for a minute. For me, it was nostalgic, heart-warming and IMPRESSIVE!

Yeve also takes pictures from her travels all over the world and has them listed on Artstation for as little as $1.50 for 139 pictures in a Tropical Paradise. What a STEAL!

One thing we will all agree on is that Yeve has RANGE and her perspective is uniquely beautiful and we need to buy some of her art before it gets too expensive!


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