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It is with great excitement that I present to you our very first artist in our very first edition of FRESH CHEESE: zar0

zar0 is a self-described “young artist from Spain, trying to make big things” and guess what kid, you already are! Now, we just need to find the right buyers! There is a reason why this extremely talented artist has 2,367 followers on IG and that an award winning filmmaker and lil ol’ LeDrop have purchased zar0’s monsters from him. It is because this artist is certified FRESH CHEESE! zar0’s monsters are hybrid, gritty and cartoon animated in a gif format, with lots of color, some have humanized characteristics and overall they are just REALLY COOL. Also, I think I knew what a cool linktree looked like, until I came across zar0’s. WOW! Take notes artists. VIEW zar0’s linktree:

zar0 has a personal goal of having 100 different monster owners to join his community.

Go buy one of his monsters today and join us! And, CONGRATULATIONS zar0, you are FRESH CHEESE!!

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